From the Heart of the Himalayas

At Himalita, our passion is to bring the greatest gift of Mother Nature to the entire world - Himalayan salt products ranging from organic gourmet salts all the way to interior decorating pieces such as salt lamps and candle holders. Our love embraces every aspect of this authentic product. For millions of years, Pink Himalayan salt crystals were accessible only to those in the Jhelum District in Punjab Pakistan, but now we have made it our responsibility to deliver the greatest benefits of this organic element to the entire world.

Furthermore, it is our passion to teach everyone about Himalayan salt and how to use these saline crystals in their cooking, to improve their health and also to produce a large number of natural homeopathic remedies. Therefore, we have created an entire section on our website with just about everything related to Himalayan salt and its amazing health benefits.

From details on our diverse spectrum of Himalayan salt products and availability to general information about how this amazing gift from Mother Nature can benefit your overall health and boost your energy levels, you will find details of these and other subjects by visiting the link below.

Himalayan Salt Vs. Table Salt

Vascular Health 95%
Boost Immune System 75%
Increases Your Energy Level 85%
Replenishes Electrolytes 95%
pH Balace 80%